This is a demo store. Any orders placed through this store will not be honored or fulfilled.

Blast Lucene Demo store

Blast Search Autocompleter

This is demo store (running on shared server) of

Blast Search Lucene + Blast Search Autocompleter

Number of SKUs is 71 (default magento sample data)

If you’re experiencing that your magento default search is slow

try new search using Lucene index (same as SOLR uses)


If you prefer to see real examples - see list here



It is using FULLTEXT mode and ANDoperator - if no results then fuzzy search is done and for third pass WILDCARD

It will try to find all products which HAVE AT LEAST ALL OF THE GIVEN KEYWORD

Normal search example

Fuzzy search example

Wildcard example

Description keyword search

Another description search

Plurar / singular mode

Plurar search example

Another plurar search example

Searching products with hypens




CB 316 WA

HP Q-7560A

Photosmart B-109-a

Searching by tags

Search by tags demo

Search by tags demo


Search by category name (Living room)


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